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These blogs have been in use since 1998.  I am working to separate the information into 7 blogs which are the 7 journals that accompany the painting.  As you can imagine, it is a lot of work, some are accessible and some are locked depending on stages of work being done on any given day.  Just keep coming back if locked.  For the meantime, the work is there, just not organized.  The best thing to do is follow the blog or click the rss to keep up with changes and updates.  Thank you for your patience and support.

The Revelation Painting©

“La pittura di rivelazione”
THE REVELATION PAINTING is a massive work of art measuring 12 feet by 40 feet with seven magnificent scenes.  Thirty canvases 48″ X 48″ were required for the creation of the painting.  The canvases are of gallery wrapped cloth and custom made Birch wood canvases required to carry the weight and storage of the elements of the painting.  This painting will travel the world in exhibition and is indeed history in the making! The artist wishes to express that in this world of turmoil and unsettling conflict, that something very beautiful can be created through resources not commonly used to create unity or world peace and to provide a 'REVELATION' of ourselves as caretakers of the earth and of humanity.

Over fifteen years have been dedicated to exposing the beauty of the world and its resources, its people, spirit, culture and soul.  The artist states:  “It is a “presence” of beauty for the world, visual peace in times of turmoil.”  The painting incorporates fiber optics, 3D “flip” graphic resources, and gemstones from around the world, among other things commonly not seen in fine arts, yet the quality is to be comparable to the work of the “old masters” in its painted creation.  From the horse's who have human hair manes and tails shedding and sharing DNA from all over the globe, to the breathing and bleeding of the painting giving it unprecedented life achieved by thermochromic paints, The Revelation Painting brings to light current global issues, secrets from the bible never before known to mankind and educates us about our neighbors in far away lands.  It is complicated and astounding, as hundreds of eyes watch you as you watch them!

Crushing gemstones to simply prove a point; that the wealthiest people in the world build their homes upon diamonds, yet they are starving to death and it is not what you have in or on your hand when you leave this earth, it is about what you leave behind in the hearts of others.  Each gemstone holds a sacred place in the painting which corresponds with The Journal of Stones, educating the reader about the origination of the stone, the lands, cultures, people, even foods.  The journal includes information about the stones and their origin related to the painting.  One of the mysteries of Revelation has been uncovered in this section of the painting!  There is an area of precious and semiprecious crushed gemstones creating the New City which spans a total of 220 inches respectively where over $140,000.00 to this date, has been invested-Ruby, Sapphire, Chalcedony, Sardonyx, Carnelian, Beryl, Helidor, Topaz, Bixbite, Zircon, Amethyst, and Chrysoprase…it is stunning.  Each 1″ section of gemstone coverage required 6 carats of crushed gemstones, one of which is known as the rarest gemstone in the world.

The painting also contains titles and subtitles in languages from all over the globe! The other six journals are: the artist ideas, thoughts, and feelings while creating this life’s work (2 books Dreams, Visions).  Sketches of the work (1 book), Truth-The Hemorrhage of Pigs! Illuminates the issues impacting our world (1 book).  Measures and Coincidental Numbers-with such a massive size it was imperative that the measurements be precise. (1 book).  Journal of Acknowledgement, the most important journal in the series acknowledges the participation no matter how great or small toward the completion of this masterpiece.  It discloses not only their personal contribution but information provided by the contributor and advertising if desired of their businesses, personal information, dreams and aspirations.Essentially whatever the contributor wants to say to the world! (1 book).  It is a painting to the people for the people.  You and the world are a part of it!

The Revelation Painting

La Pittura di Rivelazione

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